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Rob on May 27 2011
So, a new piece of functionality for the site. There's now a wiki awaiting content. At present it is publicly viewable, but only Contributors can add content. The plugin is still in beta, so archives and template functionality are still missing, but they will be coming soon.

Fly safe, but not too safe.

Rereleases Galore

Rob on May 21 2011
As you can see I've been quite busy bringing back many of the old downloads. Before you folk start fretting: Yes, ALL of the old models will be back up here. Many of the models are out-dated and haven't been remade with the new baked lighting technique I've discovered.

Everything that is currently up for download, and everything that will be coming for download, model wise, will have the baked diffuse lighting. look. Should I get enough requests for it, I will post the pre-baked versions as well, but for the time being, they seem to be quite popular.

New site

Rob on May 09 2011
It's been two weeks since I decided to go ahead and overhaul the website. With great anticipation and excitement, I'm here to welcome you the results of my labors.

There a couple things of note: You WILL have to re-register. I decided to abandon the old database and just start fresh. That also means that all the articles and downloads will have to be re-added. I was tempted to keep the copy local until I had all said content back in, but Tus has been on my back about getting it uploaded.

There are still a few things to tweak, I'm sure. So if you happen along and find something off-kilter, let me know.

On the horizon: I will be going to Dragon Con apparently, so if anyone else is planning to attend let me know, and you can help take my Con virginity, so to speak.

The first rulebook of 'Tactical' (Yes, its still a working title) is coming along smoothly. When it comes closer to publishing time, you might just see the addition of an online shop to Robinomicon.

Always a pleasure, folks.
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Beats the hell out of the last version.
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Loathing and Hatred are coming your way.
Loathing and Hatred are coming your way.
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Piece o' crap.
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Started: 09.05.11
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