About Rob

I'm Rob Mayer and I refuse to talk about myself in the third person.
I'm a web designer, graphic designer, consultant, and art director. I'm fluent in PHP, Javascript, CSS, and Java. I've worked with Wordpress, Magento, PHP-Fusion, and Drupal, among others. I use Photoshop, 3ds Max, Illustrator, InDesign and ZBrush.
I've been a freelance web and graphic designer for the last 6 years. I've been the creative director of several design projects and branding campaigns.
I am currently the Operations Manager and Webmaster at a local company here in New Jersey that puts on events for geek culture. (We fill a hotel room with ball-pit balls almost every event).
I'm a fan of science fiction, history, and gaming (both digital and analog). Above all, I enjoy exploring fictional universes, sharing those explorations with others and helping others define and visualize their own. You can find all sorts of guides, explorations, and tutorials scattered about this site.
If I'm not working I'm likely crouched over a desk designing a table-top game while Daft Punk, The Shins, or the Goat Rodeo Sessions are playing in the background. I have a cat named Bizarro and I enjoy sushi more than I hate seafood.
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